On-the-scene reporters

Our professional team is ready to give news and provide personalised technical assistance from any point of the Canaries where you may need.

Extent your news scope with the help and advice of a professional communication team at your full disposal. Together we will make that your news has a limitless range.

Immediacy and efficiency


CorresponsalíasWe are familiar with the rapid pace of news services and understand that the response speed is crucial when providing a good correspondent service. In this as well as in other many aspects, Alventio Audiovisual always keeps a flexible attitude towards the needs of our clients and we try to adapt to every situation as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our on-the-scene reporter services are a perfect alternative to supply or complement a hired permanent team beyond its usual areas of work. Anyway, we are open to work with you on a one-time basis or through periodical collaborations depending on what your expectations or needs may be.


From the Canary Islands to any part of the world


CorresponsalíasHot news does not know about limits and neither do we. Both for breaking news and also if you are interested in recording a piece of news for subsequent broadcast, we offer coverage all along the islands so that the news reaches its destination without delay.

-Production and edition jobs.
-Documentation services.
-Advice on location selection.
-Pieces of news edition (white label or personalised).
-Encoding and transferring by FTP.
-DSNG and satellite playout local management.