Interactive Communication

Adapt your messages to new communication supports. It is time to reach the audience in a direct, comfortable and interactive way.

Alventio offers the possibility to connect with your environment through multimedia communication areas that turn out to be more useful for users, by working not only on installation and hardware but also on contents and their presentation.

Comunicación interactiva-Screen networks and digital signage: they replace the traditional signage and allow to consolidate your brand image with personalised AV contents broadcast from strategic spots: museums, supermarkets, cinemas, hotels, administrative centres and generally those places where the people to whom your message is addressed typically pass through or wait.

-Mobile content: it allows the users to access your message (information, audio-guides, explainer videos, etc.) through mobile devices. We create contents compatible with this kind of media (smartphones and tablets) and with any operating system. And, of course, we work on the design of apps that are easy to use and complete regarding the information provided to the audience.

-Interactive kiosks: it creates multimedia communication spots (at museums, institutions, tourist offices…) to make the direct access to useful information easier for the client, in different languages and through an intuitive interface that will make the user’s experience more pleasant.