Fuerteventura, a natural setting

Find the perfect location for your next AV project on Fuerteventura. A diverse open-air film set on which good weather is a daily pattern.

It is not strange that directors and producers from all around the world have chosen this island as setting for their productions. Now, you too can get to know the most cinematographic side of Fuerteventura from the hand of Alventio Audiovisual.

One island, multiple choices


Fuerteventura, plató naturalReach all hidden places of Fuerteventura to get the most out of the wealth and diversity of its landscapes without the need to leave this one island. Beaches of crystal-clear water, vast deserts, millennial volcanoes, valleys and ravines of impossible shapes outline the contour of this natural setting.

The island’s fine facilities and the financial advantages of shooting within the Canary territory makes this place an attractive appeal for the producers that need a lot in a small place. On Fuerteventura you have everything: diversity, comfort, financial benefits and excellent weather conditions all year long. And, so that you don’t get lost through the process, we provide you with everything necessary to make your work on the island a great success regarding production and recording.


Do you know already what you need for your shooting on Fuerteventura?


Fuerteventura, plató naturalAlventio Audiovisual will take care of all the procedures so that you only have to worry for the essential: filming your project. Therefore, apart from solving out administrative matters for the development of the shooting, we will make our best efforts to make the people working on it feel comfortable and well assisted.

Among our main filmmaking assistance services (advertising, cinema, television, events, etc.), we provide:

-Location scouting.
-Shooting permit processing.
-Local casting.
AV equipment service and rental.
-Makeup and fashion design.