Aerial images

Change perspective with recordings that defy gravity.

Imágenes aéreasAerial images are an innovative way to give your productions a much more attractive and cinematographic look by using drones and cablecam.

Aerial videos have the capacity to move the spectator physically to the site of recording. A spectacular visual effect that is not only achieved by means of suitable equipment but also with the ability and experience of professional operators and editors as Alventio Audiovisual’s. Let us be in charge of your next project and raise your ideas beyond the limits of imagination.


Drones: from the air it is always more spectacular


Imágenes aéreasAerial images enrich the contents of your AV projects. It is an aesthetical and informative input with which we try to offer a more complete perspective of your work:

-Engineering and architecture works: an aerial tour around your area of work and illustrative resources such as timelapse will help you back your work visually. Drone images are a much more appealing formula to present the outcome of such works and show the evolution of the project from the beginning to the end.

-Television and documentaries: look for new points of view to give an innovative trait to the issues you deal with in your information works. A different perspective from the usual one brings other values to the image with which you will enrich the message.

-Cinema and advertisement: Audiovisual narrative acquires a new trait when you decide to take off and fly away. Your stories will tell much more now that you have the chance to catch the spectator by surprise with shots that add quality and originality to your work.

Although we are holding the controls, you are indeed the one directing. We have what is necessary so that you can monitor the whole shooting process from an HD screen or supervise your live broadcast in complete comfort.

An alternative without propellers


Imágenes aéreasWhen getting to reach areas of difficult access, our cablecams are a much more feasible alternative. It is a versatile system that supports a wide range of cameras allowing to take pictures in circumstances where operating a drone is too hard.

Live broadcast for TV, recording the most picturesque corners of the city, covering concerts, theatre performances or sporting events… Nothing is impossible for this recording system, which is characterised by its high accuracy, the amazing naturalness of the images in 4K and HD or the possibility to offer you a 360º perspective with an astonishing balance.